A Creationist Explanation of The Man in the Moon



Nicole and Doug McBurney – Real Science Radio 2023


What appears to us as “The Man in the Moon” is actually a network of craters and large, dark remnants of ancient lava flows on the near side of the moon. The far side of the moon (the hemisphere facing away from viewers on Earth) has a completely different topography. Aside from “the Man in the Moon”, the near side is relatively smooth; but the far side is pock-marked with hundreds of craters of varying sizes and virtually no maria. Can the dramatic difference in topography between the two lunar hemispheres be explained? And can that explanation help us understand the origins of geological features of the moon, and other related phenomena in our solar system?

Secular theories attempting to explain the appearance and formation of such lunar features have proven insufficient, mathematically impossible, and/or patently absurd, and creationist theories often invoke extra biblical miracles, or fail to fully account for the purpose, or mechanisms related to the events they describe. This paper proposes a creationist explanation of the geological features of the moon and related phenomena.