In The Beginning, 9th edition, by Dr. Walt Brown

The 9th edition is in production right now and will hopefully be available soon. When it becomes available, we will post a link to where it can be ordered. In the mean time, enjoy reading the 9th edition free online using the links on the home page.

20 Reasons to Question Plate Tectonics

(by Ellis Hughes) can be purchased at any online book selling site, or at the Real Science Radio web store here.


DVDs / Blu-rays

"The Horror of the Flood"

Explore what the Fountains of the Great Deep did to the earth, with host Mike Snavely. Purchase here.

"Puzzle on the Plateau"

Explore the Grand Canyon with host Mike Snavely and learn about the HPT explanations for its puzzling features. (Run time is about an hour.) Purchase here.

"The Global Flood and the Hydroplate Theory"

Hosted by the late-great Bob Enyart of Real Science Radio. Bob gives a presentation about not only the scientific details of Hydroplate Theory, but also the controversies that have surrounded it. Run time is about 2 hours. (Please be aware that the host is very straightforward about exactly who has tried to prevent HPT from getting a fair hearing at creation events-- names are given.)  Purchase here.

Bryan Nickel's Hydroplate Tutorial video series

This video series is also available on YouTube (search for Bryan Nickel Hydroplate), but some of us really like to have video that works even without being connected to the Internet. So Real Science Radio has made these videos available on DVDs. The videos cover most of the topics in Dr. Brown's book, so if you have trouble reading thick science books, this video series could be perfect for you!  Purchase here.