Flood theory sessions in Houston



HPT / CPT Summer! 1

3 sessions are planned for summer 2024 by the Greater Houston Creation Association (GHCA):

  1. HPT  Thursday, June 6,  2024, 7 pm Central Time
  2. CPT  Thursday, July 11,  2024, 7 pm Central Time
  3. Roundtable discussion Thursday, August 8, 2024, 7 pm Central Time

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  • 1HPT = HydroPlate Theory; CPT = Catastrophic Plate Tectonics

Strange Moon Of Asteroid Dinkinesh Is Weirder than Thought After NASA Probe Finds 'Contact Binary'



"We never suspected anything so bizarre!"

By Brett Tingley

November 7, 2023


Note from Pastor Kevin Lea: 

Those who have taken college level orbital physics courses can appreciate why NASA scientists are saying, "It is puzzling, to say the least," and “I don't understand why the two components of the satellite have similar sizes. This is going to be fun for the scientific community to figure out."

Decades ago, NASA scientists considered it “bizarre” when they found Asteroids and Comets with moons. Then it was “bizarre” when they found that some Asteroids and Comets were actually contact binaries. Now they find an Asteroid with a contact binary moon and not just a contact binary, but a barely-touching-each-other contact binary.

Ancient LXX & Modern Astronomy Support HPT



Two diverse streams of research have both arrived at strikingly similar dates for the Flood - 3298 BC and 3290 BC. The difference is only 8 years! This is even more striking when one considers that the standard deviation for the 3290 BC date was 100 years.

One date is based on astronomical data. This date lends support for the Hydroplate Theory. The other is based on ancient documents.

Astronomical date

Basically, per HPT, comets are formed from material that clumped together gravitationally. This was possible largely because the material - tiny bits - was traveling largely at the same or very similar speed, with very small relative motion to each other. Why was this cluster of tiny bits of material traveling more or less at the same speed? It had been ejected from earth when the fountains of the great deep eroded the crust and carried much finely eroded material at high speed into space - much of which would have been traveling at similar speeds. 

If this was so, and if that material clumped together to form comets, then we ought to be able to back-track the orbits of comets to the earth. This is because we know the forces that would have affected those orbits. Of course, we would need sufficient data from observations of the comet's orbit. 

NASA Asteroid Deflection Test (DART) Accidentally Creates A BOULDER SWARM That Could Impact the Earth




Didymos and Dimorphos shortly after DART’s impact on Sept. 26, 2022, as seen by the LICIACube spacecraft’s LUKE camera. (Image credit: NASA/ASI)

HPT Prediction Fulfilled NASA’s impact of the Dimorphos Asteroid in September 2022 created a “boulder storm” in space. While this result was completely unexpected to most astronomers, it came as no surprise to those who understand Dr. Walt Brown’s Hydroplate Theory (HPT) explanation for the origin of asteroids.

Read the news article here.

Building block of RNA found in asteroid



Scientists recently discovered organic molecules in a sample from the Ryugu asteroid, collected by the Japanese Space Agency's Hayabusa2 spacecraft. A number of organics were found including niacin (vitamin B3) and uracil, one of the ingredients in RNA. Astronomers might be stunned, but discoveries like this were predicted years ago by Dr. Walt Brown. HPT asserts that asteroids and comets are made of debris that was ejected from the earth during the first days of the global flood. Bits of organic matter were dissolved in some of the water that jetted out into space. It's still amazing that traces of them have survived the harsh conditions of outer space for about 5,000 years, but it is not a shock to find them. We may even find traces of cells or bacteria eventually, which will, unfortunately, be seen as support for the lie that life came to earth from outer space. The truth is that the global flood really happened and the results are all over the solar system.

Here is a link to a page your can download and print: https://calvarypo.org/scientists-discover-building-blocks-of-rna-in-asteroid-sample/

Turkey Earthquake



Have you seen the amazing photos of the olive grove that split in half? There are several "islands" of ground that seem to have stayed put while everything on either side of them was ripped away. This is unlikely to have been predicted. This is a good reminder to us that geological processes can sometimes surprise us. Many of the geological processes that supposedly occurred in the past (and that are presented as facts in geology textbooks) have never actually been observed.