Building block of RNA found in asteroid


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asteroid public domain image

Scientists recently discovered organic molecules in a sample from the Ryugu asteroid, collected by the Japanese Space Agency's Hayabusa2 spacecraft. A number of organics were found including niacin (vitamin B3) and uracil, one of the ingredients in RNA. Astronomers might be stunned, but discoveries like this were predicted years ago by Dr. Walt Brown. HPT asserts that asteroids and comets are made of debris that was ejected from the earth during the first days of the global flood. Bits of organic matter were dissolved in some of the water that jetted out into space. It's still amazing that traces of them have survived the harsh conditions of outer space for about 5,000 years, but it is not a shock to find them. We may even find traces of cells or bacteria eventually, which will, unfortunately, be seen as support for the lie that life came to earth from outer space. The truth is that the global flood really happened and the results are all over the solar system.

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