Ellen McHenry


Ellen McHenry is a professional artist, science writer, and independent researcher who has been studying creation science and HPT for almost 20 years. Through her work teaching science classes for homeschoolers for the past 25 years, she has developed her own line of educational curricula available at her website, https://ellenjmchenry.com (and through all major online book outlets). In her spare time she enjoys building exhibits for her traveling hands-on science museum. She and her husband live in central Pennsylvania and have four grown children and three grandchildren.

Doug McBurney


Doug McBurney is the co-host of Real Science Radio on KLTT radio in Denver, Colorado, and contributing editor to the Real Science Radio website. Doug has been an advocate of young earth creation since grade-school. He and his wife have been married for over 30 years and homeschool their three children. Doug began working in Christian ministry in 1997 as business manager for the Bob Enyart Live television and radio programs, and has been hosting “The Weekly Worldview” podcast since 1999. Alongside pastor Enyart, Doug was a founding elder of Denver Bible Church in 2000, and has been a key figure in Colorado's “Personhood” movement to restore legal personhood rights to all God's children, born and unborn.


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Kevin Lea


Kevin Lea currently serves as senior pastor of Calvary Church of Port Orchard in Washington state, which he founded in 1993. Upon coming to faith as a young sailor in the U.S. nuclear navy, Pastor Kevin realized the Bible was true but struggled to understand how the entire earth could be covered with water, as Genesis states, until he discovered the Hydroplate Theory. After the Navy, he worked in the Nuclear Engineering Department at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, WA, teaching naval nuclear reactor plant design and operations to engineers. He also took college courses in engineering, physics, and orbital physics. Kevin is a fervent apologist for a literal, 6-day creation and global flood, and draws on his technical experience and knowledge to combat the lies of evolution and the associated false interpretations of scientific evidence. He and Juanita, his wife of 47 years, have two grown sons, six grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

Brian Lauer


Brian Lauer has given creation and freedom talks from Minnesota to Florida in churches, schools, colleges, and conferences. He helps people solidify their faith in the Bible by looking at science. He also shows what powerful evolutionists have planned for humanity. Some of his talks can be seen on his Solidify Your Faith channels on YouTube and Rumble.